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Wettstein Tool No. A1-205 Endmill and Shellmill Grinding Fixture

The original WETTSTEIN TOOL grinding fixture for regrinding Endmill and Shellmill faces on your surface grinder. Uses standard 5C Collets. The 5C spindle indexes to accurately position the cutting edge to be ground. All angles are built into the base. Available with 15° or 36° indexing.

Wettstein Tool No. A1-206 Milling Cutter Grinding Fixture

For use on your surface grinder. Fully adjustable to accommodate straight or angle milling cutters up to 6" diameter and 1" width. A complete set of bushings are included to accommodate 7/8", 1", 1-1/4", and 1-1/2" cutter bores.

Wettstein Tool No. A1-204 Woodruff Cutter Grinding Fixture

A simple grinding fixture for regrinding Woodruff Cutters with 1/2" shank. Spring stop adjusts to accommodate various cutter diameters and for the proper positioning of the cutter flutes.

Wettstein Tool No. A1-213 The Original HI-LO™ Wheel Dresser

For Surface Grinders. Swings from 2" to 9" instantly. Eliminates time consuming up and down cranking of the spindle and save wear on elevating screws. Includes one premium 1/4 Karat Diamond.

Wettstein Tool No. A1-247 - RED FLASH™ Wheel Dresser

For dressing grinding wheels up to 21/2" wide. Rack and gear design insures a smooth and consistent movement on even the widest wheels. Includes one premium 1/4 Karat Diamond.

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