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Wettstein Tool No. A1-48 PACKER™ 5C Fixture Collets

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The PACKER Fixture Collets are machinable collet blanks to accomodate an unlimited variety of workholding applications. The 5C shank can be mounted in any 5C collet spindle for turning odd shaped parts or for milling in multi-axis machining centers.

With a little "Toolmaker Ingenuity", multiple cavities can be created to hold and machine multiple parts in a single setup. Mounting in a one or two axis index fixture, the inhanced accessability of a part can potentially reduce multiple fixturings and cut cycle and setup times. The threaded 5C back screw is removable and replacable to extend the life-cycle of the collet. When the threads are worn or damaged, the back screw is easily replaced. The fixture collet itself no longer needs to be discarded and remade.

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Item #

Collet Type



A1-48-5C-1000-1000 5C 1" 1"
A1-48-5C-1000-2000 5C 1" 2"
A1-48-5C-1000-3000 5C 1" 3"
A1-48-5C-2000-1000 5C 2" 1"
A1-48-5C-2000-2000 5C 2" 2"
A1-48-5C-2000-3000 5C 2" 3"
A1-48-5C-3000-1000 5C 3" 1"
A1-48-5C-3000-2000 5C 3" 2"
A1-48-5C-3000-3000 5C 3" 3"
A1-48-5C-4000-1000 5C 4" 1"
A1-48-5C-4000-2000 5C 4" 2"
A1-48-5C-4000-3000 5C 4" 3"
A1-48-5C-5000-2000 5C 5" 2"
A1-48-5C-6000-2000 5C 6" 2"
  Results 1 - 14 of 14 1 

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